In this poetry piece, I explore the tastes and appetites we all have, not in food, but in the world around us. I wrote this earlier this year as I started to unravel and unpack what I was really consuming and where I wanted to be eating from.

A Table Before My Enemies

Why had no one told me, why had I’d never known?
That all the pleasures that seem to taste so good rot away 
The feast I prepare for myself fills with decay
My table is small and restricted and runs out, 
I run out of energy to fill with the right amount

But I see that at your Table, a feast is prepared. 
Your table is ready for me to come and eat free
It is filled with Bread that will never let me go hungry, 
Water that will never leave me thirsty
And a cup of blessing overflowing, showing how much is running over for me

Your Table ran out for you so that it will never run out for me 
I can’t choose a table of my own because once I found it, your Table is all I need
Your Table is sweet, your Table is pure
Your Table is my cure
I’ve tasted and I’ve seen
What I can’t do on my own, only you can do for me

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