I wrote this poem back earlier this year is a meditation on what I was walking out with God during that time. I hope and pray you receive from it and are invited into a deeper encounter with the love and protection of God. We never save ourselves, that is His job.

To the One Who Tries to Hold Me Down

To the one who tries to hold me down. You will never win.

What you do is you trick us into thinking you’ve won. You trick us into believing that we are alone, that ancient lie that says there is no control other than our own.

I have fallen for the trap, believed the lie, slipped down into that hole.

But My God, he reaches down, into that pit of vipers, into that bed of lies.

And He reaches down and pulls me out. And puts my feet on a firm foundation. And my heart in a protected place. And my mind in the still waters.

And He reminds me who I am.

He reminds me that He who rescues me is greater than he who tries to hold me in his clutches

My God, My God, My God. You are my security. You are my refuge, You are my safety. 

He alone is my salvation. Time and time again He is my salvation. Time and time he stoops down to find me back in that hole of death to remind me that is not where I belong. To remind me that is not how the story ends. 

As if waking from a dream, he rouses me to remind me who I really am, who I forgot I was

You will never stop saving me. 

I have been saved, I am saved, and will continue to be saved. 

Each moment.

Each second. 

Each breath.

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