This particular story I wrote recently, actually as a breakthrough for releasing this blog as a platform to continue writing. For so long, as others may have experienced, I felt a block in my creativity because I kept comparing myself to others creativity. It wasn’t until I realized that I had an expression of my own to release to the world that I was fully able to embrace my creativity.

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The Day I Met Creativity

I met Creativity the other day on my way out. I didn’t actually recognize her at first. She was dressed, how can I say, eclectic? Exorbitant? Excessive? Her dress seemed to flow with thousands of colors and her hair couldn’t make up its mind about which hairstyle it wanted to be. Her smile radiated like a rainbow on high voltage and her face seemed to have ten different shades of make up on, yet at the same time, none at all. She race up to me as if she knew me like a long lost childhood friend but, I didn’t seem to recognize her. 

She came up to me and complimented me on my outfit, which I thought was much too boring compared to her almost theatrical getup. She said that what I was wearing was one of a kind and that no one in the history of the world would be wearing my same outfit and hairstyle in this exact moment in this exact place ever again. I thought that she did have a point and I told her I never thought about it that way before. 

She gave me a twirl and hop and maybe even a little wiggle and pulled me along the street the opposite way I was walking. She acted like we were long time friends but I swear I’d never seen her before. But maybe if I had given it a second thought, I might have known her once long ago when I was young. She seemed to have a lot to show me, a lot in store and planned for me. And as we walked, she showed me things excitedly, like they were undiscovered treasures everywhere we looked. But what she showed me were things I already knew, have already seen before, mostly in my everyday life. But when she showed me, when she explained them to me, it really was as if I was seeing them for the very first time. 

A couple walking their small Yorkshire terrier was news to her—could you believe that she was wearing that and was with him and they were walking there with that dog? She said their combination was perfect, their backstory worthy of any modern romance drama. And the set of their walk perfect for any photo shoot alongside their perfectly matched outfits that set them up for limitless possibilities. 

And look at this house she said, pointing to the red one down the street. Did you know that it’s been empty ever since the family moved away back to their hometown in Michigan?  She wondered about the adventures that awaited them back in their home state and the stories that played out while they were there that were definitely worthy of any novel series. 

And look at the colors of this sky, she pointed out to me, towards a sky of any ordinary Monday afternoon. Look at the hues of the blues that could breakthrough with that view. And she looked at me and laughed and went on to share the news of a good rhyme or two.

She showed me a lot of things, more than I thought possible and by the time it was over, she had painted me a whole new world where my once small neighborhood and city used to be. She opened my eyes to the possibilities surrounding me. Take a stick and a stone and with that, they can whisk you away on an adventure of a lifetime of the limitless possibilities of what those two small parts could build. It’s as if you only need to think differently, or maybe just not think at all. 

And as quickly as she came, quickly she left, with that twirl and a hop and wiggle as her exiting number.  She said it was time for her to show others her way of life, to give others her eyes. She said she had some paint she had to dig up for her next visit and even some fabric for her evening appointment. She said she had much to show the world and still much more to show me as she confirmed she would see me back, 2 o’ clock on the dot next Monday. 

I said to make it a date, knowing it was time that I started seeing much more of her than I had ever before thought. That very day she had torn down what I thought was possible and replaced with the impossible. Yes, the world was limitless with possibilities and stories, if I only chose to see it as such.

2 thoughts on “The Day I Met Creativity

  1. Maddie, you are such a brilliant writer! I’m so happy you are doing this. It’s incredible. Love you and so proud of you always! -Vanessa


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