I admittedly have never been the best at serving the least of these 
I have turned my nose up, lost in my own pride
I’ve exalted myself up on a house of cards I built with my own lies 
I’ve said that I’m better than you, I’m better than them
I’ve said that I’m more important, too worthy to deal with the likes of them. 

I’ve said why bother, it’s not bothering me? 
I’ve built up a wall, pretending I’m free
In reality, all I’ve built for myself is a pretty glass house, filled with illusions of wealth and prestige 
My own perfect world, filled with ease and money
No one told me I needed to care about the least of these

If we live up in our high castle, built high on the hill top, 
we never would be able to let people in, 
to meet them down in the dirt, dust and sin. 
Are we really that much better than those hurting or broken? 
Or do we tell ourselves those lies to keep what’s in our conscience unspoken. 

The glass house I lived in, cracked and spilled out. 
And what I thought was pristine turn out to be rot
And as I sit in my filth, and my house of cards comes crashing in,
I look and ask where has my God been?

“I’m down here” He says, “down at lowest of low
I’ve been sitting here the whole time looking up at your show,
Come down here and take a look for yourself 
You’ll be surprised what you find 
When you take a better look at your kind.”

So I sat low, down below, this time hidden from the show
I took a look at where my God was at 
In what I used to think was dirty and low
There I saw much more than that. 

Yes, the least of these were broken and small and weak
But as I held a mirror to my face, I realized its the same as me
And as I started to see
Being down there below, I felt complete 
Which filled the void my broken glass house turn out to be.

From dirt and dust I came,
And dirt and dust I return, 
Made in the hands of the Creator,
being asked what I did for
The least of these, least of them, least of me, least of we
Because when it all comes down to it
We are one flesh, one humanity.

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