Hope is like a fresh wind blowing in from the north
Like a sunrise of a promise of a new day
Hope is like the glisten of the sea as you set sail for opportunity
Leaving behind yesterday

Hope is like a sunbeam shining in through your window
The fragrance of a newly budded flower
A smell of the air after a rainstorm
And the feel of new grass beneath your feet.

Hope is a promise
Hope is a dream
Hope is about possibilities
That there is a new day coming

Hope is about knowing where you are going,
That it is a good place
That you never dwell in the tough places
But always move past into a new dawn

Hope is about walking towards an everlasting sunrise
It is about finding that new song to sing
It is about realizing that wherever you are at is not the end
But a spot on your map towards a destination of glory.

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