I met Servanthood while I was out and about, in my daily rhythms of life. She came up to me while my hands were filled with groceries and asked me if she could help. Before I could answer, she grabbed a bag from me and started helping me to my car. She smiled at me and said she was happy to help. A part of me wanted to refuse and tell her I was fine and I could do it on my own. But as I walked to my car with her next with me with one of my grocery bags, I realized her carrying my bag really did help. 

She then started to follow me. That surprised me. She followed me to the mall, to the park, even home where she lingered, always jumping in to see where I needed a helping hand. One time, while I was reaching to try to grab a jar of peanut butter on the top shelf, she jumped in and gave me a leg up, helping me in something I actually couldn’t do on my own.

This went on for weeks until I actually didn’t notice her at all. I got so used to having my own helper. I knew she was always there, always ready to jump in and serve when she saw that I needed it. She became a part of my life. 

As I continued going about my daily rhythms, I started noticing other people who didn’t have Servanthood like me. I saw them struggling at the grocery store, trying to get hard to reach things and carrying heavy loads all by themselves. But I had my own Servanthood helping me, why would I even need to bother helping anyone else? I was good, I was taken care of, I was covered. 

But the more and more I went about, receiving this help and kindness from Servanthood, I started looking around more and more at the people struggling for help around me. The stubbornness in my heart began to soften as I saw the real need of others. My heart was moved for them. 

One day, I was out at the store again. It was late and I was in a rush to get home and make dinner. I was grabbing a few things and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a lady having a hard time walking to her car with all her things. I remembered the first time Servanthood served me and what I felt in that moment of being helped and I wanted that lady to feel that too. I went over to her and offered to help. The look in her eyes of relief was palpable as I helped carry her load. She thanked me, near tears, and I felt like that small guesture meant more to her than I realized. Had she never experienced Servanthood before? Have I not realized what I was able to give others this whole time? It wasn’t about the act, but what they received out of it—the lightening of their load.

This whole time I knew Servanthood was watching me. This whole time we’ve been together, she’s never said anything, always letting her actions speak for her. When our eyes met, I saw in her in a whole new light, of why she showed up in the first place. When we looked at each other, I saw a sense of accomplishment in her, like she fulfilled what she was sent to do. She smiled at me and kept walking. I knew she’d be back, I knew she was always there. And I knew there was more for me to do too, more people I could serve and give others what I myself had already received. 

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