This is the edge
This is life on the edge
This is where I’ve chosen to stay
Sold it all to be up here to be on this ledge 
This is where they say you can fly
But others they say, this is where you’ll die

So, here I stand, 
life on the edge
Giving it all away
Giving it to you for the final say

Will you take all that I gave
And throw it down to the dust
Or will you take it and breathe life on it
Having given all I trust

You say to take that step off the edge
Trusting that what is there
Is not just air
But a substance of faith and prayer.

Over the edge I go
In a moment of faith mixed with fear
I take a step off the ledge
And realized all that I sought for was so near

Into the air I go
Where I learn I was made to fly
Proving all down below 
That I was meant to soar high in the sky

Showing that living life on the edge
Was worth all that I pledged
Because when it comes down to it
There was so much more I gained instead. 

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