Have you ever felt like you found yourself
out to sail on the sea in the middle of the night,
with nothing but the stars to direct you? 

You know that land awaits you.
Something, somewhere, is ahead for you
—but you just don’t know where.

Maybe you’ve never fully learned to navigate the stars before,
maybe you have maps to show you but you’re still figuring it out.

The waves try to drift you,
pushing and pulling you in every direction
but you steer through,
trusting the little that you know to take you in the right direction 

Yes, sailing in the night is a terrifying unknown
but the most exhilarating of adventures.
Because daybreak is just around the corner.
And beyond that, a land with the most exciting of opportunities.
A land that is good, with opportunity and that tastes of the promises of a bright future. 

The night won’t last forever.
Sailing in the middle of the sea is not a destination, only a pathway.
You are in progress to the greatest destination you’ve ever known
and you are sailing in the right direction. 

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