I saw fear. 
I saw it and I realized I’ve known it my whole life
I’ve been lying to myself this whole time
Running and not putting up a fight

I saw fear.
He was big and ugly and oh so intimidating
He terrified me to my bones 
He smiled at me, proud of his masquerading

He knew that I knew him
And knowing him filled me with disgust
And in seeing him, panic crept into my lungs
And terror filled up my gut

But then when I stared him down
And peered a little bit closer
I realize it wasn’t what I expected,
A gimmick, a trick, something that needed exposure

Fear was nothing but illusions
Puffed up lies and deception
I didn’t realize this whole time
It was all just perception

See, I saw fear
And I realized I am not afraid.
This whole time I’ve been running
Instead of declaring from Whom I was made

I am a child of God
To Him fear is nothing more than an insect
Something I can easily crush
And fall into His arms, knowing I am forever kept 

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