Tearing down my roots, you say it’s time to rebuild

Let’s go back to the beginning, the beginning of all things 

Back to the dirt, back to the mess, back to when You said let it be and it was 

No more building Babel towers 

No more pride, deception or blame 

Going back to the beginning 

Means being brought back to innocence 

It means being brought back to the dirt from where I began, the dirt where all life began. Back to the place I realize I first met my Creator. 

When I go back to the dirt, I go back to my God. I go back to my proper place in this world, coming from the very hands of my maker. 

You may think I have chosen to live low but I say I have chosen to live free

Free in the dirt, free to grow again and see

Who I was really meant to be,

Reunited with my I Am. 

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