Grace and truth 
How can you be both?
Full of grace they said you came
Yet full of unwavering truth you stood

I do not condemn, you said
But you hypocrites, you declared.
How did you do it Jesus?
How do we do the same?
Stand for your truth
Filled with love and grace all in one.

Is it an oxymoron, a paradox, water and oil that does not mix
Or is it something else, a pairing of sweet and salty, 
Savory with some zest?
Flavors are different, yet they are meant to be together 
Each note adding to the symphony
Blending in harmony to the crescendo

Show me how to do it,
How to dance in rhythm with you Jesus
Show me how to live filled with both
Grace and truth
The rich flavors of Heaven. 

Your mercy and your truth have married each other.
Your righteousness and peace have kissed.
Psalm 85:10

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