Show me your ways Lord Jesus
Show me the path, the real path
Not the path veiled by human thought and desire
No, the one paved with mercy, loving kindness and forgiveness
The true path that leads into your everlasting kingdom 
where its foundations are eternal and roads paved with gold

Jesus, show me the cost
I’ll pay any price
Truly no earthly riches shall suffice
There’s a greater cost to pay but an even richer reward.
One of spirit and of truth

I go low so I can enter in with the key 
Accessing the glory that nothing in this world can compare.

Yes, walk with me along your way
No matter how narrow, 
I’ll always go.
Because I’ve seen where we’re going
And the price to pay seems worth it
So small compared to the greatness on the other side

The journey is worth where you lead.

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