Sitting at your feet 
Is the one thing you say will never be taken away from me 
I used to not sit here, 
I used to be busy running around,
Always doing 
Always busy 
Always saying it was for You 

Then I realized,
I was making it about me 
I cared so much about what others thought 
That I strayed far from the one thing needed 

I want to be like John the Baptist 
Where you increase and I decrease 
I want to be like your mother Mary 
Who knew her life would be forever about you first. 
I want to be like the woman at the well
Unnamed yet who’s story will be forever told 

I never knew the value of hiddenness 
I never knew how to sit in the secret
I never knew the depths of humility I’ve only scratch at the surface of 

So I write this for You 
And not for any reader 
A true expression of my heart 
Of learning to sit at Your feet 
I’m sorry for every time I stepped in the way of your glory 

I want your Kingdom come 
I want your will be done 
I want on earth to as it is in Heaven 

Where the greatest shall be least 
Those who lead must be a servant 
Where the meek shall inherit the earth 
And blessed are those who recognize their need for you. 

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