“She gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped him snugly in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger, because there was no lodging available for them.”
Luke 2:7

The world didn’t have room for Jesus, do we? Back at the very beginning, Jesus was born in town that didn’t have room for him. The Savior of the world was born, history shifted, humanity would never be the same and there wasn’t room for Him to be born anywhere but in a back stable in a manager. 

This picture of the world not being ready for Jesus was only the beginning. Throughout His lifetime and ministry, the important people of that world, the leaders of religious and political systems did not make room for Jesus and His ground breaking teachings. The leaders of His very own people did not have room for Him. The sons of the men and women who Jesus knew and loved back at the birth of Israel were the very men who turned their back on Him and murdered Him during His days of walking the earth.

In many ways, the world did not have room for Jesus. From the start to the end, the world rejected him. But what came next was a revolution of the heart. Jesus won and bought back man’s heart. Where men did not have room now they were made to through the way of salvation. Now, we are all invited to choose the way of making room for Jesus, now choosing to make room for Him in our hearts and lives. 

Where are you choosing to make room for God in this Christmas season? What are the areas God is inviting you to make more room for Him? Is He asking you to make more room for Him in your generosity? How about in loving our neighbors and spreading His love to others? Or is He asking you to make more room for Him during your days, to sit and read His word and hear His voice? 

Whatever it is that His is asking you to do, we can always make more room for Him. Let’s be the people who sing “Hosanna in the Highest” and welcome Him into the city of our hearts with a wide open reception and not be the people who send Jesus into the back stable because we have no room for Him. Jesus wants all of our hearts, every metaphorical room in our house, every area of our lives—so let’s join the journey of a lifetime of giving it to Him. 

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