I stop and try to look around. Here I was, but where exactly was here? I was on a path and on it for a while but when did everything get so dark? As I try to look around, I can’t see anything because I’m walking in the pitch black and have been for some time. How did I even know where I was going?

I start to question myself, question my direction, question everything around me—how far did I go before I realized it was dark around me? Did it gradually become dark as I went so much so that I didn’t notice it creeping towards me? Have I become so indoctrinated to the dark that this whole time I didn’t realize I was walking in it?

I stop, I can’t go any further until I find something to light my way—otherwise I could have been walking the wrong way this whole time. I try to turn around and look behind me, but everything is so dark soon I lose my direction and don’t even know which way I was walking anymore. I’ve seemingly become more lost than I was to start out with. I think to myself that maybe I should have just continued going the way that I was going in the dark, it would have been easier than having to figure all this out now.

But I dismiss the thought since I knew walking aimlessly in one direction in the dark can’t really get you anywhere and it was senseless to do so. Plus, who knew what dangers lingered just beyond in the darkness. Yes, it was better to figure out how to get some light than to sit around or keep going—light was the most essential thing to find right now.

But where to look, where to find it? I looked up and couldn’t see a thing, I looked to my left and my right and even down for anything, any source of light and I couldn’t find a thing. As I looked, the darkness seemed to be getting darker, and the longer I stood there, the more suffocating the darkness got. Where could I find light?!

I started feeling around in the dark around me, feeling for anything that could resemble something like light. And just as I was getting panicky, I felt something on me of all places—I felt a switch of all things. So small, so inconsequential, like I wouldn’t have noticed it was there if I hadn’t looked. It felt foreign to find a switch on me, but at the same time, the most natural thing of all. And when I switched it on, a light started coming out of me! 

I jumped in surprise and the light moved with me. I searched my body, searched my head, to figure out the source of this light. All I could conclude is that this light was originating from deep within me and shining out. How that was happening, I could not figure. 

But boy was it bright! And it became brighter and brighter by the second. So bright that soon, my whole area was lit up. I could see where I was walking before, which actually wasn’t a fully developed path. And I could see the actual, real path I wanted to be on that was only a stone throw’s away from the one I was on.

I walked over to the small yet distinct path and began down it, this time at a quicker more confinement pace. Because this time, I knew which way I was going. This time, I had a light to show me the way.

A Message from the author:

Happy New Year my faithful readers! My prayer for you this is year is that the light of God fill your life more than ever before. I wrote this story based off of supernatural direction and my belief is that it is a word for you and a word from God for this new year. May we all find the light God has given on the inside of us and may it guide us to paths we did not even know we needed to be on. May God bless you and keep you this 2021!

I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”
John 8:12 NLT

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