What does it mean that love never fails? 

Does it mean that love remains a simple underlying current, tossed to and fro by the more powerful forces of worry, doubt, betrayal or fear? Does it mean that love just exists, that it stays like a distant roommate always locked away in its room. Never to be made known but checks a box that it was there? Does love not failing means it comes in 9th place in a race out of 10? Not last but never first place. 

Or does love not failing actually means that it doesn’t lose? It never gives up, always pursuing. Like the shepherd leaving the 99 to find the one. A force more powerful than death.  It means that love triumphs, over death, over depression, over abuse. It is the absolute sign, overpowering even the most negative moments. 

Love simply doesn’t “get by” or “co-exist.” Love overwhelms, turning around every instance of pain. Like a bright blinding light that shines into the dark places. Because the darkness is designed to give way to light. Love always comes first place. Every single time. 

Because love never fails; love wins. 

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